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terms of service

We are so happy to have you here! Please read the Terms of Service and confirm you understand.

Due to the custom nature of this program (accountability partners being assigned), I understand that no refunds will be available after a 5-day period of me registering and that I am committing to the full 5 months, even if strenuous circumstances arise in the future.

I agree to participate actively in the Ready to Soar Accountability Inner Circle to the best of my ability. I understand that I will need to actively meet (via online video or phone) with my assigned accountability partner once a month for 5 months.

I understand that I will have to have web / internet access and access to Facebook (we will link you to our specific group) to participate in this program.

I understand that no guarantees are made. I will not hold Shannon Tacheny or Feather Blue Studios or any persons or businesses associated with such accountable for any aspect of my own business success or failure.

I understand that my credit card will be set up with recurring billing automatically if that is the option I selected.

I understand that my email address will be used for communication and marketing purposes within the program, but will be protected and not sold or spammed.

I confirm that I understand what I am registering for.