and know our opportunity to grow a business is an opportunity to do something even greateR too...  

Like helping women business owners in developing countries fund their own projects.  So they can provide for their families, buy new supplies, and afford clean water and food.

Which is why for each and every Visual Marketing Partnership client we take on (yep, those small business creative bundles!) we contribute to the dreams and well-being of a woman working on her own small business somewhere else in the world through a micro-loan.

Guess what?  You can do it too.  Click here to find a woman in the World Vision small business micro-loan program who might be waiting for your help today!

Other projects that make our hearts jump (& maybe need a little love from you today): 

It might not seem huge, but no doubt to these very real people, every little effort makes a big difference, especially when we're working together.  And why wouldn't we!

Calling All...
World-Changing, Business-Growing Action-Takers:

We love this part of our job so much, that Shannon’s followed her heart a step further and created an online community of faith-fueled, entrepreneur-minded women who want to dig deeper as they grow their businesses, collaborate, and make a positive impact on the world.  If this vision sounds like a spot-on fit for you, you can take a peek at our Facebook Group here.