I’m Shannon

Creative Strategist, Photographer, and owner here at Feather Blue Studios!

Small businesses (+ dark chocolate, tea, any version of the color blue, and making an impact in people's lives) get me super excited… which means, perhaps we already have something in common? 

I’ve had many creative and business adventures along the way, but with over 15+ years of photography experience and having owned Feather Blue Studios for over 10 years now, this is something truly special.


What I know now?  The dessert-worthy stuff happens in my sweet spots:

  • Using my visionary marketing sense and eye for style to help small businesses and entrepreneurs shine.

  • Encouraging other dreamers as they create and grow their own extraordinary businesses.

  • Changing the world with compassion and grace along the way.

15+ years ago I bought a camera and flew to Paris to study photography — a tiny morsel of my education in communications, marketing, and design, but one that changed my world  (I mean, it was Paris).  All these years later, creating beautiful photos of people and things has become second nature. But my favorite part of any project or shoot is the IDEA-FACTOR -- creating an intentional, strategic plan from the get-go and seeing the purpose behind the artistry take hold.

I have a small team of stellar “Creatives” (designers, copywriters, tech gurus) that work with me, project by project, to help bring your brand story to life (and get it in front of your audience!). Collaboration is a brilliant thing.

I do everything I do with a greater purpose (I bet you do too).  God gave me the ability, desire, and opportunity to serve others using my gifts and passion — and I am awe-inspiringly grateful.  So I desire to do life well.  And humbly.  And for others who can’t.  If you’re interested in reading about how I use my business to give back (& how you can too) click here

In my free time, I drink chai tea and eat dark chocolate of course. There’s also that highly sought after shopping trip to Anthropologie that I sometimes treat myself too.  And I love to keep active — coaching basketball, exercising, and chasing my kids around.

All to say… I’m so glad you’re here. Have other questions? Truly happy to help.  Shoot us a note HERE.

With Style & Joy,
Shannon & Team

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