Hello & welcome amazing Twin Cities Business Woman!


Are you ready to take your visual impact to the next level and watch your small business soar?

I know you (and I’m probably a lot like you).  You are unstoppable. You are educated, experienced, and work with excellence.  You’re a powerhouse business owner (experienced or up-and-coming!), but you also appreciate style, balance, and joy.

There’s no doubt… you are amazing at what you do. And you serve your clients well.


You’re passionate about your business and have even bigger plans ahead!

You likely have an established business with a logo, a website, maybe even an office or workspace. Perhaps a team member… or maybe a few!

Occasionally though, you begin to wonder and doubt…

  • Do future clients, collaborators, and on-lookers perceive you for your full worth?

  • Do you look the part to take on that next-level client or scale your business? 

  • Is the story of why you do what you do communicated in a compelling, up-to-date way?

  • Do you have the confidence to truly make your business soar?

How would it feel to let your online visual presence speak for itself? To have a well-curated brand image, complete with emotionally impactful imagery that told the story of what you do and why — beautifully and compellingly?



…each time an upcoming client (or media interviewer or industry leader!) peeked at your website or social media page, your captivating brand story and elite worth came shining through — bringing more clients (the right ones) and more opportunities (the ones you’ve been waiting for!) your way?


…creating a visually compelling online presence…

  • ultimately saved you time?

  • eliminated the “icky” sales stuff?

  • brought you the kind of clients that you LOVED working with?

  • connected you with more opportunities for recognition and collaboration?



Amazing woman… all of this is possible for YOU (it’s not just for “other people”) — and more!


Hi! If we haven't met yet, I’m Shannon.

I'm a photographer, brand strategist, and Twin Cities business owner, just like you.


I love helping women like you look and sound the part to draw more of those *perfect* clients your way.

I love watching you gain the confidence and recognition to uplevel your businesses with beauty and ease.

“I've helped make a visual impact for many amazing business women, and I’d be honored and oh-so-blessed to to be a valuable force for you and your future clients as well.”


Which is why I’ve put together something unique and truly special…

a brand new, signature, elite offering for women just like you.



“After working with dozens of small business women over the past many years, I realized that what I really wanted most was to SEE YOU SUCCEED. And in order to do that, I needed to stop focusing on the bits and pieces of what would get you there, and instead, offer you an experience that would MAKE IT ALL COME TOGETHER.”

I desire to use my gifts and talents (my business superpowers!) to…

  • Truly invest in you and your story.

  • Make you look and sound beautiful, inside and out.

  • Help you impact the people you serve (your amazing clients!)

  • Create a stellar visual presence for your business that you can be proud of.

  • Give you the springboard to confidently take on whatever is next (you have goals to conquer and lives to change!)



So this is how I want to “make things happen” for you, amazing woman…

I’ve created a signature

Brand Strategy + Photo (& Video!!!) experience

that is going to complete change the way the world sees you.



ready to hear what’s included in this

elite Brand Strategy + Photo & Video experience?

We’re ready to transform your visual presence (with style & ease) and help you tell your story — so you can take your business adventure to the next level!

A BRAND STRATEGY & PLANNING SESSION — This brand strategy intensive (whether we meet in person or online) is meant to truly narrow in on who you want to reach and how you can change their lives. It’s a chance for you to share your story in depth and let me pull from that the vibrant, story-worthy pieces that we’ll use as we carefully craft your photo shoot and brand video experience! It will also give you the chance to make sure you feel confident with the process and have any questions answered. And don’t be surprised if we uncover other amazing nuggets of marketing wisdom that are going to impact your business in other ways, leaving you with clarity and direction — marketing ideas tend to flow from me like fresh honey (they’re sweet and they stick!)

HAIR & MAKEUP + A WARDROBE CONSULT — We know that to set you up for the best possible experience, with the best possible results, including BOTH a hair & makeup artist plus an amazing (& inspiring!) wardrobe stylist (via a pre-shoot online meeting) to help walk you through the clothing options you have and what you might like to add. These amazing inclusions are going to help your confidence soar and take a load of decision-making off your plate. Done & done! Yes you can thank us immediately — we know you can feel the relief already.

A CALM, CONFIDENT PHOTO SHOOT — I’m not a beginner (and neither are you). I’m an experienced photographer of over 15 years, adept at making you feel at ease. I’m sensitive to your insecurities (we all have them, and let’s face it, they vary and change as we age). My goal is to pull your most beautiful presence out — in angles, poses, the way your eyes light up. I want to make you look approachable (which is what your audience wants to see), not just pretty. And in case you had any concerns left, we include stunning, natural retouching on a select number of your final image choices. And oh yeah — this shoot goes well beyond just you. If you have a team, they’re included (up to 5 others). If you have a space, we shoot that too. If you have clients or friends that will help set the stage for us — we’ll take them! And no matter your industry, I’ll also curate and plan specific stylized object imagery that will work wonders for social media and website placeholders for months or years to come.

A POWERFUL, IMPACTFUL BRAND VIDEO — This is the thing — you’re not here to play small. You’re ready to succeed, and to fully look the part. Video isn’t a passing fad. It’s here to stay — and it’s the number one way our potential clients learn to trust us. And when they trust us, they open their lives and experiences and wallets to let us serve them. So it felt only right to make it a core of this unique package. And yet — telling your story doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. Creating a video can be simple and still emotionally powerful. So I’ve developed a simple process that involves letting you answer core questions in a way that will share your story beautifully with the world (all on the same day as your photo shoot). The result is a 2-3 minute “about you” welcoming brand video set to music that will earn your clients trust exponentially in a short time and give you the upscale brand presence you’re looking for.

THE FINISHING (& IMPLEMENTING) PLAN — Within this package what that means is: we’ll sit down with you to help you decide what pictures you want to use (and why), identify exactly where your new photos and video will make the most powerful impact (such as website and social media changes), and help you determine how to organize your imagery so it’s easy to access. We’ll also provide you with a checklist to make sure your powerful new tools transform your business and set you up for success. We’ll wipe decisions off your plate left & right and leave you in a confident place!

(Psst… additional creative services — like web design, copywriting, or logo creation — are available if you need them. We know some of you have amazing specialists you work with regularly, so they’re not in this initial collection, but there are more details below if that’s something we need to talk about to set you up for success!).


It’s your time amazing, vibrant woman.

Are you ready to look the part?

Are you ready to be perceived as the beautiful, purposeful business woman you are?

Are you ready to attract the right kind of clients, raise your prices, or take your business to the next level?


Let’s make it happen!

The introductory Rate (it won’t say this low forever) of this elite

Brand Strategy + Photo & Video experience

is $3590.

HOWEVER — at this blink-of-an-eye moment,

it gets even better…

We’re offering a very special early introductory (beta-priced) rate

to be able to help JUST 2 (TWO!) go-getting women.

TWO of you will have the opportunity to get in on this experience at

not $3590, but just $2790.

(And yep, we have awesome payment plans too.)

*** UPDATE: Round 1 BETA RATE IS SOLD OUT! Please CONTACT US for the new rate. ***


WHY the special early-bird rate on such a value-packed collection? Great question!


I’ll be straight up, totally real with you (like always of course!)…

1) Because this collection as a whole is NEW (even though we are experienced in each inclusion). And we all know (oh, you know!) that when you put something new together, there may be kinks to work out and processes to create. Sometimes things take a touch longer. We know you’re the kind of woman to offer patience & grace as we create these new processes.

— And —

2) We are in very beginning stages of offering VIDEO (watch our very first video HERE!!) and I want to continue to curate this experience and build our portfolio before I raise the rates to where they belong!

Makes sense, right? :)

I value your grace as my team and I learn how to create the new workflow for this vibrant experience.

But most of all, I look forward to creating a powerful, visual vibe for you that’s going to UPLEVEL your business-game.

I know that the TWO of you just-right, heart-centered, amazing women who venture into this experience NOW (because the spots won’t last long!) will not only get the most value but will also be such fun to work with as we curate this beautiful adventure!



Ready to act fast and jump on board?

Want to grab one of these two, limited-TIME spots?

At the super-limited beta rate of just $2790 (instead of $3590)

we’ll offer you an elite experience, complete with a brand strategy plan, lifestyle / headshot photo shoot, and an exceptional video experience (complete with a hair & makeup artist and pre-shoot wardrobe stylist consult!)

Or better yet,

3 payments of $930

or 4 payments of $698

or 6 payments of $469

*** UPDATE: Round 1 BETA RATE IS SOLD OUT! Please CONTACT US for the new rate. ***


let’s do this!

Click here

to fill out the contact form via email, share about you business, and ask any questions you have!

I’ll be in touch shortly so we can connect.


“In order to take your business to the next level,

you have to look the next-level part.”


Still reading, but having some of these thoughts?

Let’s clear those up!

>> Thought 1: What’s with this brand strategy stuff? I already have a logo, isn't that my brand?

The truth: This is a common misconception, we get it. And your logo is part of your “brand identity” for sure.  But your BRAND as a whole is better described as the emotional feeling your clients get when they see/hear/experience your business as a whole.  It's the story that your business gives off that makes up your brand. This often includes the style of your logo, but also your core wording, your photos, your video messaging, and your social media posts.  All of these things need to work in unison to give off the right message and attract the right audience.  And since people in general are highly visual, having the “right” photos is a huge part of that brand story. So in order to give you the most value for your experience, we need to make sure we evaluate your brand and plan well so that everything works in unison!


>>Thought 2: You’re right, I need new photos (& a video would be great!), but eeks, I HATE having my picture taken!!!

The truth: We get it.  Photo-phobia (or just a little anxiety) is a real thing.  And if you have to stand in front of a camera feeling nervous and unsure of what to do, why even bother.

But here’s the thing:  When you work with a professional who’s been doing this long enough to understand exactly how you feel, and exactly what’s going to bring out the most amazing, approachable, flattering you — all while walking you through every single movement and every single smile — you get a totally relaxed experience where you don’t have to think about a thing. And remember, we offer stunning, natural retouching on the final images you choose from your collection.

And big-time bonus — this elite package includes a wardrobe stylist to help you decide what to wear in advance (hello confidence and style!) and day-of makeup and hair help. (So worth it!!) You’ll be feeling your best, we promise.


>>Thought 3: I don’t have time right now.  Maybe when I’m not so busy!

The truth: Making time to uplevel your business visually is one of the primary ways you’re going to find new time later.   Why?

A) When your website is targeted visually toward a select type of client, you (or your intake staff) save tons of time receiving calls from clients that aren’t the right fit for you.  You immediately start targeting only the very right clients.  And then the calls you’re getting may be less (a time saver!) but higher and higher quality.

B) If you’re too busy, it might be time to upscale your prices, even if it’s just a little bit, gaining you traction on the vicious cycle of not quite being ahead of the game.  When you look like the excellent service provider you are, you can do all these things: take on only the very best clients, earn the rates you deserve, hire a little more help if you need to, and slow down a bit!

C) Psst… We don’t have to schedule your photo & video experience right away. Once you commit to the package, we can start on the brand strategy process and then book your experience for 1-3 months down the road if that’s a better fit.


>>Thought 4: I can’t afford to invest in a visual brand upgrade right now.

The truth: You can’t afford not to.  Every time a potential client visits your site who might very well be your perfect client, but then moves on, you are leaving crucial revenue (and the rock the world of an amazing client!) on the table.

This leaves you stuck working with clients who might not be your favorite, taking away time from building a client roster of profitable projects, accounts, or cases you love.

And what lucrative collaborations or feature opportunities are you missing out on by not making the very best first impression?

This isn't just any "photo shoot."  This is a strategic, powerful, impactful, money-generating visual story plan (photo + video!) that is going to bring you and your business to a whole new level (with simplicity and ease). But we know cash-flow is a real thing… so we offer small-business-friendly payment plans to help you fit this in your budget in a way that works for you.


>>Thought 5: Even if I wanted to do a visual upgrade and had new photos taken, I wouldn’t know what to do with them.  It’d just be one more project on my list.

The truth: That might be true.  Unless you invest in an experience that will not only strategically guide you through what your core brand story should be, which images you need and why, and also help you use them to their fullest by planning or executing them for use on your website, in social media, and more. 

Marketing strategy, brand story planning, professional photos, and an execution PLAN all in one.  Relief!

Psst… If you NEED MORE HELP IMPLEMENTING… in order to make sure your photos, videos, and new brand strategy make their way onto the web and into your social media plans, we absolutely do not want to leave you hanging!

We are a full-service, cozy creative firm after all and can add other tools to your package. Copywriting, web updating (or a new website), logo design, and more are things we’d be happy to chat about. Our goal is to bring your visual vibe to the next level of success.


Ready to be all-in purposeful business woman?

To look like the elite, vibrant business woman you are?

It’s time to grab YOUR slot at the limited-time beta rate of just $2790…

for your brand strategy plan, photo shoot, and video experience (complete with a hair & makeup artist and pre-shoot wardrobe stylist consult!)

Or better yet,

3 payments of $930

or 4 payments of $698

or 6 payments of $469


let’s do this!

Submit our contact form here,

share about you business and any questions you have, and I’ll be in touch shortly!


“If you are ALL IN, looking and sounding the part in today’s digital world is a must-have for success, not an option.”


You are ready.

You are brave.

You are valuable.

This is your moment to soar.

Let’s create a strong strategy, some beautiful visuals, and align them with what you do.



Need a quick recap of what this BRAND NEW introductory, elite signature package includes?

BRAND Strategy + elite Photo Shoot & VIDEO:

Initial Brand Strategy Consult & Planning Session: A powerful, strategic meeting, we will review your entire visual presence and the look and feel of your brand story, making suggestions for photography, visuals, and even a little core wording.  It’s all connected! We’ll do photo shoot planning & prep at the time too.

Complete Uplevel Photo Shoot: Including Headshots + Lifestyle Images of You (1-3 outfits), Team Headshots and/or Group Shot (up to 6 staff, if applicable), interior (and exterior if necessary) office shots, shots of you on the job or with clients (let’s bring in your friends or some clients) + creative styled shots for accent imagery.

Well Planned Video Shoot (filmed the same day as your photos) — allowing you to answer simple questions, showcase what you do, and share your passion for your business!

A Wardrobe Stylist + Hair & Makeup — We’ll connect you with the stylist for a pre-shoot wardrobe consult via video meeting and it will be eye-opening! And then we’ll include a hair & makeup artist to meet you at your home or on-set the day of the shoot.

Post Production:  We’ll edit, sort, color correct, and create an online gallery.  And down the line we’ll retouch a select number of images for regular use so you can feel confident with each one.

Post-Shoot Action Strategy: Guiding you through making photo decisions, identifying specifically where to use them on your website and social media pages, and strategically discussing how to get the most out of your images for the future.  We’ll make sure you’re not left hanging!


Want to know a little bit more about me?

I LOVE making a difference in the lives of small business women.


As a professional photographer and brand strategist right here in the Twin Cities, connecting with other local small business women is one of the best parts of my job. I love watching powerful, well-planned strategy intersect with beautiful, compelling, visual artwork.

And yes, I love my 3 kids and my chai tea too.  (Throw in a little dark chocolate, an afternoon stop at a cafe on Grand Avenue in St Paul, and a bonus shopping trip to Anthropologie, and I’m golden).  But loving my job makes each project an exciting one.

I have over 15 years of experience as a photographer and business owner, and believe me when I say I get it.  I get where you are and where you want to go.  I have had my ups and downs, trials and errors, stresses and graces.  I take each and everyone of those in mind when I work on a visual, photographic brand strategy that is just right for you.

I run my business with purpose, creativity, and joy. I make a difference one person at a time by donating to women & children in developing countries (especially those who need small business loans!) through organizations like World Vision — with the help of my amazing clients who support my “Giving Vault” fund with each and every booking. And I keep very, very busy with family life (my husband & 3 kids!). Life is full and I am blessed. I’d love the chance to be a blessing to you as well.

SO, ARE YOU Ready?  Let's take this EXCITING step together and watch your business SOAR!  


It's time you look the part.

Click HERE and tell me what you’re up to — LET’S CONNECT!


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Click HERE beautiful friend!

Looking forward to hearing about YOUR amazing business.

-With Style, Strategy, & Joy,