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Hi!  I'm Shannon.  And you’re a smart, heart-centered, business-savvy woman who values her business, brand, and visual story -- not to mention making an impact on the world.

Which is why you've entered the secret gateway to our unbelievable PRE-LAUNCH sale for the very new, very fresh “Fresh Feathers” stock photography membership program (& really so much more).

You want to grow, streamline, and yes - beautify - your online business, and we want to help!  It’s like a match made in dark-chocolate-heaven [cheers all around].  You can hear that too, right?

Before we get much further, what we have to offer — in pre-launch mode — is very limited. 

If you’ve been following along, saving the date for this moment (the first 10 of you are going to get a KILLER deal after all), and are thinking “you had me at dark-chocolate...

then go ahead and fast-track so you don’t miss out!  

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If you’re actually wondering: “Umm, what the heck is this all about?” or "Why is it for me?"  

or you just want a refresh on the details, then by all means, read on friend… I’ve got some answers for you:

What is “Fresh Feathers”?

Fresh Feathers is soon-to-be-launched

Stock Photography Membership Site & Community

for Online-Focused, Female Entrepreneurs...


In particular, it's for:

  • Female Coaches & Consultants

  • Lifestyle Brands

  • Fitness & Wellness Women

  • Bloggers

  • Designers & Social Media Strategists

  • Instagram Lovers

  • and other female entrepreneurs who want to wow their audience with gorgeous imagery


Our Vision Is:

A MEMBERSHIP SITE — where you don’t have to make purchases over and over again, or worry about how many credits you have, or search 16 different smaller sites and 3 giant ones to find what you’re looking for.

A COMMUNITY — where you can learn how to add value to your brand, connect with other amazing #heartpreneurs and hear from other successful business women and social media strategists so you can grow your business and make a bigger impact.

A WORLD-CHANGING female-focused project that wants to give-give-give to other woman across the globe, so they can drink clean water, have food for their babies, escape traumatic situations, and start their own small businesses.



Is This For Me?

  • If you’re a passionate, female entrepreneur looking to launch, grow, or up-level your online business or blog, and you want stunning photos to magnetize your target-clientele (and keep them magically reading and following along) — then yep, this is for you.  

  • If you post on a variety of social media sites (especially instagram) and you need photos to keep up -- yep, this is for you.  

  • If you're just starting out in your business or blog and need brand images for your website or social media pages -- yep, this is for you.  

  • If you are a web-designer or social media manager and need help finding your clients stunning images (keep reading below, and get in touch!), yep, this is for you too.



How does it Work?

  • Images-Galore: You will have access to download up to 12 new images each month (of your own choice), all while connecting and learning in our exclusive online community.  Our research showed us this was "just the right amount" for Instagram lovers and blogger-girls alike.

  • Happy-Dance-Bonuses: PRE-SALE Founding Members will get a BONUS COLLECTION now! (+ another treat).

  • Simplicity-Genius: All of our images will be pre-downsized for web-use, making it one-step-easier for you to use them right out of the box. #timesaver  (For you designer-types, they're plenty large for web-use, even when cropping -- 6x9" at 90dpi).

  • Licensing-Know-How: When you purchase a membership (or PRE-purchase in this case) you are licensing usage for ONE business / solopreneur.  If you manage social media accounts for multiple businesses, we are working on something special for you!  You will either need each client of yours to purchase a separate subscription (go ahead and send them this link!) OR you can connect with us about our upcoming multi-user rate so you can easily grab pictures for your clients all in one place. (Please feel free to get in touch at Hello@FeatherBlueStudios.com!)

(Want more clarification on these or other technical / legal details? Check out our FAQ pdf here).




How many images will the site have to offer?

  • At first, a few hundred give or take, but as time goes on our collection will grow quickly (though we intend to maintain a well-curated boutique feel). 

  • We’ll also be taking “requests” in our exclusive online community, doing an occasional giveaway for a custom shoot (say what!?), and adding images that suit your needs and branding colors regularly.  

  • Many of our images will be styled flat-lays, but we plan to include lifestyle & fitness imagery too, using models with a variety of skintones.

  • As one of the very limited Founding Members (as part of this PRE-SALE only) you’ll have the benefit of being able to influence us!  Once you make your purchase and are added to our Exclusive Fresh Feathers Facebook Community, the first thing you can do is tell us YOUR Brand Colors and what you want to see more of. 

  • And in turn we’ll rely on your graciousness, patience, and valued feedback as we work any bugs out.  As part of our Pre-Sale, you're our Beta-Testers too. #Teamwork


What branding colors do you have images for?

As of right now, we have completed shoots or have shoots on-deck with these color schemes:

  • White & Gold
  • Green, White, Gold
  • Gray + Gray & Gold
  • Tans, Grays, Neutrals
  • Aqua + Aqua with Gold & Black & White
  • Corals + Coral & Purple
  • Reds + Red & Golds
  • Denim & Navy Blue Tones
  • Black & Whites
  • Fuschia / Hot Pink Tones
  • + Fresh Food Options, Fitness Imagery, Outdoor Cafe Images, & More
What else do you want to see?  When you join as a FOUNDING MEMBER now you can tell us in the new Facebook Community!


Why is this a PRE-Sale?

Because you are our wings Entrepreneur Girls -- we need you to help us Soar, so we in turn can help YOUR BUSINESS SOAR!

We haven’t finished building out the entire stock photography membership site yet (this is a big job!), but it will be finished as soon as possible, approximately 4-6 weeks (ideally in August). By joining us as a Founding Member, you’re not only getting an amazing deal and some serious bonuses, you’re also helping us fund the remainder of the project. (Yep, you're that awesome).


Ready to give it a try!  Go ahead… peek at our pre-sale rates & offerings! 

Did we mention?  Time is limited.

(10 days or until it sells out!)  

*We close July 30th!*

 And so is the number of amazing #heartpreneurs we’re letting in this time around. 

All at the most UNBELIEVABLE VALUE we'll ever be offering.


Who is behind the fresh feathers brand?

Hi Beautiful Girl -- It's Me -- Shannon.  If you haven't met me yet -- I'm the owner of Feather Blue Studios, a Creative House for Female Entrepreneurs.  I'm a Brand Strategist & Photographer, and it just so happens I never went to the top of the Eiffel Tower when I studied photography in Paris for a summer (strange I know) but I do intend to go ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP with this "Fresh Feathers" project, so I can support amazing entrepreneurs like you!!!  I adore chai tea, have a blast being with my 3 kiddos, value friendship, faith, and fun, and want to use my creative skills to change the world.  

What is this world-changing stuff all about?

A portion of each members' investment (now and always) will go straight into world-changing projects.  This time around, our Pre-Launch is going to support Charity:Water!  Together we'll build a well to bring clean (fresh!) water to needy mamas and their kids.  You can follow along in the new Fresh Feathers Facebook Community after your join us as a Founding Member. ;)


Exciting, am I right?
We knew you wouldn't want to miss out!!!

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And with the killer price point we have to offer you RIGHT NOW, it just makes sense.  

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