Hi There Beautiful Twin Cities Business Woman!

I know you.  You’re educated, experienced, and work with excellence.  Sure you’re a powerhouse business owner, but you also appreciate style, balance, and joy. 

You are amazing at what you do; yet still occasionally the doubts come creeping in… Are you and your skills perceived for their full worth?  Are you ready to work with that next level client or scale your business?  Does your business look current and up to date?

How would it feel to let your online visual presence speak for itself?  To have gorgeous images on your site tell the story of what you do, beautifully and precisely?  

What if each time an upcoming client (or interviewer or award provider!) peeked at your website or social media page, your authentic brand story and powerhouse worth came shining through.

It’d feel pretty great, right?  And make a huge impact in a dozen other ways as well.

Hi There!  If we haven't met yet, I’m Shannon. 

(That's me, below).

I'm a photographer, brand strategist, and Twin Cities business owner, just like you.

I love helping women like you look the part and draw more of those *perfect* clients their way, all while giving them the confidence to uplevel their businesses with beauty and ease.

As you'll see (because I know you want to peek at all the photos below) I've helped make an impact in the lives of many powerhouse small business women, just like you.


But let’s focus on YOU again for a minute...

You started your own business, and you’re making things happen.

You have an office / workspace and a website (even if it needs a few tweaks).  Perhaps you’re responsible for a staff or few.  And you have clients (yay, clients!).  You’re on your way. 

Maybe you’ve even been in business for YEARS, but you’re ready for a transition or a step up.

Sure, being a business owner means you don’t have to climb the corporate ladder, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to climb! 

You still want to mark your successes, look the part, and continue to fuel your confidence so you can face the next transition or reward ahead.


And let’s face it, the way we’re perceived helps us gain the confidence we need to...

>>Raise our rates

>>Turn away the clients we don’t want to work with

>>Face our competition with ease

>>Or grab that next level opportunity (like that collaboration, magazine feature, or alumni award!)

You are ready.  You are valuable.  You are prepared. 
Having an online presence with top notch photos that is visually strong might very well be the key to your next level success.

So have you done a visual evaluation lately? 

When a potential client (that *perfect* client you love to work with and treats you with respect) sees your website, what’s their first thought?  How do they feel?

>>Welcome, or not welcome?  (Do they see you working with people like them? Is your smile authentic and relaxed?)

 >>Professional or small-scale? (Do they see a confident, approachable you, in more than one scenario of your job?  Do you look like you can handle their needs?)  

>>A true glimpse of your business, or disconnect? (Are confusing stock photos giving them the wrong impression? Or are your images authentic to the real you and your actual work space and client experiences?)

If you want that perfect client to be so excited he or she is ready to pick up the phone right away, then the connection needs to happen immediately!  And it needs to be real. 

Your client should feel visually welcome, identify that you’re someone they can trust, and feel like you work with people just like them.

Now let’s evaluate again… with up-leveling opportunities in mind. 

What does that future collaborator, magazine professional, award provider, or alumni feature contact see?  

>>Someone they want to feature?  

>>Someone who is doing what they love with excellence and has the professional visuals to back it up?

>>Someone who clearly has their business together and is making an impact in their field?

>>Someone they want to partner with?


You might be thinking… ok, so I fall a little short with the visual impact and I’d love to have a website full of gorgeous photos… 

…BUT, these excuses come to mind:

>>EXCUSE 1: I already have a logo, isn't that my brand?

The truth: This is a common misconception, we get it.  But your BRAND is actually the emotional feeling your clients get when they see/hear/experience your business as a whole.  It's the story that your business gives off that makes up your brand -- your logo is part of that for sure, but also your core wording, your photos, and your social media posts.  All of these things need to work in unison to give off the right message and attract the right audience.  And since we're highly visual people, photographs are a huge part of that brand story.



>>EXCUSE 2: I don’t have time to uplevel my business right now.  Maybe when I’m not as busy!

The truth: Making time to uplevel your business visually is one of the primary ways you’re going to find new time later.   Why?

1) When your website is targeted visually toward a select type of client, you (or your intake staff) save tons of time receiving calls from clients that aren’t the right fit for you.  You immediately start targeting only the very best clients.  And then the calls you’re getting are higher and higher quality.

2) If you’re too busy, it might be time to upscale your prices, even if it’s just a little bit, gaining you traction on the vicious cycle of not quite being ahead of the game.  When you look like the excellent service provider you are, you can: take on only the very best clients, earn the rates you deserve, hire a little more help if you need to, and slow down a bit!


>>EXCUSE 3: I just can’t afford to invest in new photos or do a visual brand upgrade right now.

The truth: You can’t afford not to.  Every time a potential client visits your site who might very well be your perfect client, but then moves on, you are leaving good money on the table.

This leaves you stuck working with clients who might not be your favorite, taking away time from building a client roster of profitable projects, accounts, or cases you love.

And what lucrative collaborations or feature opportunities are you missing out on by not making the very best first impression?

This isn't just any "photo shoot."  This is a strategic, powerful, impactful, money-generating visual story plan that is going to bring you and your business to a whole new level (with simplicity and ease).


>>EXCUSE 4: Even if I wanted to do a visual upgrade and had new photos taken, I wouldn’t know what to do with them.  It’d just be one more project on my list.

The truth: That might be true.  Unless you invest in an experience that will not only strategically guide you through what your core brand story should be, which images you need and why, and also help you use them to their fullest by planning or executing them for use on your website, in social media, and more. 

Marketing strategy, brand story planning, professional photos, and execution all in one.  Relief!


>>EXCUSE 5: You’re right, I need new photos, but eeks, I HATE having my picture taken!!!

The truth: We get it.  Photo-phobia (or just a little anxiety) is a real thing.  And if you have to stand in front of a camera feeling nervous and being unsure of what to do, why even bother.

But here’s the thing:  When you work with a professional who’s been doing this long enough to understand exactly how you feel, and exactly what’s going to bring out the most amazing, approachable, flattering you — all while walking you through every single movement and every single smile — you get a totally relaxed experience where you don’t have to think about a thing. 

We can even help you decide what to wear and bring in a makeup artist if you want.  (Well worth it!!)


Are you ready to hear how I can help you with your visual upleveling? 

I love making a difference in the lives and businesses of small business women.

As a professional photographer and brand strategist right here in the Twin Cities, connecting with other local small business women is one of the best parts of my job.  I love watching powerful, well-planned strategy intersect with beautiful, emotional, visual artwork.  

And ok, I love my kids and my chai tea too.  (Throw in a little dark chocolate and I’m golden).  But loving my job makes each project an exciting one.

I have over 15 years of experience as a photographer and business owner, and believe me when I say I get it.  I get where you’re are and where you want to go.  I have had my ups and downs, trials and errors, stresses and graces.  I take each and everyone of those in mind when I work on a visual, photographic brand strategy that is just right for you. 



Let’s create a strong strategy, some beautiful visuals, and align them with what you do.

This is what I would love to do for you:

>>Strategize: Sit down in your office (or meet you for coffee!) and spend some time evaluating what you love about your job, why your clients appreciate you, and what type of clients you want more of.  And then take all of this and create a written strategy of who you really want to reach and how we’re going to visually do it.  If you have questions about other aspects of your business and want some advice (like your logo, branding, or core wording) we can chat through how this might impact your business as well.

>>Plan a Photo Shoot: If you’re thinking simply head shots beautiful girl, we’re way beyond you.  This is THE photo shoot.  The one that’s going to bring money in and magnetize target clients your way.  We’ll likely want to photograph you, glimpses of your office or space (or a place you like to work regularly), any regular staff you have, and you doing what you do best, with and without clients.  We’ll also want to shoot some styled images (think object collections or close-ups) that you can use as authentic accents to your brand, in social media, or on your blog.  Yep, we know our stuff!

>>Get You Feeling Confident and Beautiful: Optionally, I have a wardrobe stylist and makeup artist who would love to work with you in advance, taking away any tension about what you should wear or how you should do your makeup.

>> Make the Ultimate Photo Shoot Happen: We’ll send you the shot list in advance so you’ll know apx when we’ll do outfit changes and who needs to be where, when.  We’ll walk you through everything and make sure the day goes off without a hitch.  It may be a 2.5 to 4 hour stretch, but you can likely get some work done while we photograph the space or some little stuff!  7-10 days after your shoot, we’ll send you an online gallery with narrowed down selections.  You’ll get a chance to browse and save favorites to a special folder.

>> Make Decision Making a No-Brainer: This is sheer relief darling.  You won’t have this hanging over your head for months.  We’ll talk you through possible uses, compare and contrast, and finalize the perfect collection of images to not only update your website, but also have handy for social media or public relations needs.

>> Add in Some Natural Retouching: We want to bring out the very natural, but very best version of you.  These images will reflect the real you, inside and out, and add confidence with every new move you make.  This takes some relief off of the photo shoot experience as well — no need to panic over stray hairs or tired eyes — we’ve got you covered.

>> Execute Your Plan to Completion:  If you don’t have a web designer or VA who is already set to update your site with the new images, select the add-on and we’ll take care of it!  After all, we planned the strategy, so we have the mind to coordinate everything perfectly.  We’ll also use our graphic design services to create social media banners for your business pages (text + photos) to bring your visual brand fully into unison.  Done and done!  You will look the part (with style and ease).  It was soooo time, am I right?


Now the news gets even better. 

Because we’ve wrapped all this small business goodness into a “Love on Small Businesses” Special.

It’s a mix of both visual and marketing strategy for your business meets the ultimate photo shoot to take your entire online presence up a notch. It walks you seamlessly through decisions and leaves you with a clear plan of action to get the most impact out of your new visuals.

And we’re introducing it for the month of February, at a truly special rate.

We do however, have a very limited quantity of these packages. I mean VERY limited.  Think five. 

JUST FIVE ready-to-uplevel-their-visuals business women (one of them quite possibly being you!) will benefit from this extraordinary offer.


If you’re thinking… well, I love this idea, but i’m not ready just YET.  That’s ok.  We feel you.  

These things take time to prep and ponder and fit into your own schedule.  We’re not here to rush you through the process.

Simply invest a deposit in your package now to save your spot, and you can schedule your strategy session and photo shoot down the line for anytime this coming year (though we’ll ask you for a tentative month).


Ready for the details? yes, please!

The value of this visual strategy and photography collection?   $1890, real hard-core value.  It’s an extensive investment of hours, creative juices, implementation and more!

But it’s February, and we want to love on a few select small businesses this month.  So our special collection rate is just $1270.  For just 5 of you.

But it gets even better.  We have small business-friendly payments (yep, we get it).  

To reserve your spot:

>>You current investment is simply a deposit of $250, and voila, you’re in! 

>>After that, your remaining investment will be just 3 payments of $340 each.  




If you’d like to talk to Shannon first (I’d love to connect!) and see if this is the right direction for you, we welcome you to fill out this FORM and set up a 15 minute discovery call first!  We will hold your place in the line, as long as you make a decision within 48 hours post-call.


If you’re ready to go ahead and book your collection, so you don’t miss out, you can make your deposit HERE and we’ll be in touch asap!


Here’s a recap of what this signature package includes...

Visual Marketing Strategy & Photo Shoot Package


Initial Visual Strategy Consultation: A powerful, strategic meeting, we will review your entire visual presence and the look and feel of your brand story, making suggestions for photography, visuals, and even core wording.  It’s all connected!

Photo Shoot Planning & Prep: We’ll communicate (efficiently and simply) to prepare for your photo shoot.

Complete Uplevel Photo Shoot: Including Headshots + Lifestyle Images of You (1-3 outfits), Team Headshots and/or Group Shot (up to 6 staff, if applicable), interior (and exterior if necessary) office shots, shots of you on the job or with clients, + creative styled shots for accent imagery.

Post production:  We’ll edit, sort, color correct, and create an online gallery.  And down the line we’ll retouching a select number of images for regular use (up to 16).

Post shoot action-strategy and marketing consult: Guiding you through making photo decisions, identifying specifically where to use them on your website and social media pages, and strategically discussing how to get the most out of your images for the future.  We will also talk social media strategy and answer your marketing questions.


Don’t forget about our optional upgrades (each or both which might rock your world).

Optional upgrades:

Wardrobe Stylist and Makeup Artist (so worth it) --- The image you convey through your wardrobe and look is crucial to the feel of your brand.  This upgrade includes an online closet consult (video chat + recommendations) with our recommended, totally down to earth wardrobe stylist to feel 110% confident with your wardrobe for the day of your shoot (if you want to chat about a shopping trip, you can upgrade further to that as well).  Plus let us book you a makeup artist and have her come to you!

Add-On Investment — $347 (value $397)

Just Select the Add-On and add $50 to your Deposit to Confirm This Resource

Website Updates + Social Media Banner Design: We want you to get the most impact out of your images right away and updating your current website can make all the difference.  If you don’t have a go-to web designer on your team, let us come on board and make this a streamlined process!  We will upload the new images to your current website and make some (planned and approved) refresh tweaks along the way (colors, spacing, fonts, etc) for a full-on website face lift. Plus we will design 2 social media headers to put into place asap, giving you a cohesive, well-branded online presence right away.  No stone unturned.

Add-On Investment — $647 (value $897)

Just Select the Add-On and add $50 to your Deposit to Confirm This Resource

Ready to do it?  Let's take this amazing step together and watch your business shine!  


To hold your spot right now >>>

Make your selections and your deposit HERE and we’ll be in touch asap!

To schedule a call now >>>

Fill out this FORM and we'll be in touch to set up a 15 minute discovery call first!  I’d love to talk you through this and see if working together is the next right step for you.

I can't wait to make this happen for you beautiful business woman! 
Your business is SO ready for the next step — and it's time you look the part!!