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Lean In Beautiful Girl: We've got something cozy & inspiring in the works...

the "small business wonderland MASTERMIND"!!!

(formerly The Inspire & Impact Mastermind)

by Shannon Tacheny of Feather Blue Studios + Guest Experts Melissa Mather & Nicole Marie Smith


*Scheduled to Start Feb 2018*

*inquire or apply by Jan 5th for the most amazing bonuses!*




Let’s Wonder, Inspire, Impact & Grow!!!   

So... what IS This Program?

A cozy yet game-changing mix of

>> Group Accountability & Feedback

>> One on One Business Coaching or Tech/Systems Support

>> Marketing Strategy

>> Relationship-Building

>> Purpose Reflecting

>> and Brand Creativity

for YOUR Business, all rolled into one beautiful, customizable experience.

Hey Beautiful Entrepreneur!  Yes YOU.

I know you. 

>> You have a small business, dream, or idea... 

>> You are over-the-moon-excited (and sometimes a little terrified) about making it grow. 

>> You value making an impact  -- and the JOY that comes with it -- and deeply desire to use your God-given gifts and talents to their fullest.

>> As a solopreneur or small business CEO you wear lots of hats — hello daily decision-making!!! 

>>You’re ready to do something new or up-level what you've built… perhaps add a service or transition your brand, maybe up-level or develop an impact plan.  Maybe take that big idea of yours and turn it into a business!!

>> The only thing missing? 

The heartfelt accountability, fierce encouragement, and help of a few experts -- to propel you to courageously leap and shine!

You are SOOOO READY to make 2018 an impactful year in your business.

Let's make it happen, shall we?

I know just how to help.

Haven't met me yet?  I'm Shannon >> brand strategist, photographer, creative director galore. 

I'm a marketing-minded, small-business-loving, whirlwind entrepreneur... 


Over years and years of being in business (and multiple businesses at that) I have invested in many things... marketing, advertising, products, inventory. 

But it wasn't until I invested in myself for the first time -- in a MASTERMIND small group -- that I started to see changes happen in my business that I'd only dreamed of.

Being surrounded by other powerhouse women, who showcased not only their strengths but also their weaknesses, who encouraged me and held me accountable, who helped me plan actionable steps and reviewed my offerings. 

WHOA.  THIS was a game changer.  I became so DECISIVE!  And forward-moving.  And confident and encouraged.  And at such a quicker-pace!

And I want that for YOU Beautiful Girl. 

Being part of your excitement fuels me on!  I have ideas and gifts to share, and I desire to be a blessing.  Business inspiration + creative and branding input too.

Enter: The Small Business Wonderland Mastermind

Inspiring IMPACT in You --&-- Your Business Dreams.

I’m creating a small, powerhouse mastermind group for women who want to fuel each other’s fire, motivate one another, hold each other accountable, and passionately provide support, feedback, and ideas into each other's business.

Yep, YOUR business, beautiful girl. 
I believe in YOU.
"This isn't a big event or a fill-the-seats kinda deal.  I'm planning on no more than 5 (five!) women total.  I don't want you to get lost in the crowd."
  • 4 Online Group Video Meetings over 3 Months (FEB-MAR-APR 2018) - structured and planned, inspiring and welcoming, tailored to your questions and needs.

  • No more than 5 participants  - a cozy group of women to grow and share.

  • Includes a valuable one-on-one brand review call with specific input on your marketing and branding

  • Includes on-going private strategy support (tangible help!) by our guest experts: Business Coaching, Tech Support, or Both!

  • Early-Bird Bonus possibilities of: Graphic Design or Copywriting help  +  your very own membership to our upcoming stock photography site! (& more!)


What is a MASTERMIND?  

It’s a group of energized, motivated entrepreneurs who are prepared to listen-hard, encourage one another, provide game-changing guidance and feedback, and make a genuine impact in each other’s lives and businesses. 

In this case, a small community of like-minded women who are prepared to take their business to the next level (whatever that is) and resourcefully do it together — using each of their own gifts, visions, and passions to support one another as they achieve together more than they could alone.



WHO is this for?

This is for YOU Beautiful Girl, if any of these apply:

  • You want to tackle a new business project (new product / service / launch) that you've been dreaming about, but haven't had the courage, time, or support to conquer.
  • You have a business idea and you're absolutely ready to make it happen.
  • You want to add a new level of impact and compassion to the heart of your business, with legacy and purpose in mind.
  • You feel you have the skills and tools to up-level your business, but know you need the accountability to make it happen.
  • You want to transition your brand or your services, but want guidance on making new changes.
  • You need some help with creative services -- such as branding, design, or copywriting.
  • You're looking for your next big marketing idea, and want it to be original.
  • You want a simple and low-maintenance approach (that's still highly effective) to follow through on your business strategy.
  • You are tired of sitting on the fence and ready to make things happen in your business.
  • You have thought about hiring an individual business coach, but are looking for something with a lower price-point.
  • You have thought about hiring a brand consultant, designer, or writer, but weren't sure where to start.

This is NOT for you:

  • If you are looking for a step-by-step cookie cutter lesson on how to build a business (we are all UNIQUE and our businesses and marketing strategy should be too!)
  • If you are not motivated or driven to make a change (the accountability is an AMAZING resource, but you've gotta put in the work girl!)
  • If you are looking for a get-rich-quick strategy that may not have a solid foundation long-term.
  • Are not willing to genuinely listen to others and provide sincere feedback on their journey.



Starting mid-FEB (TUESDAY, FEB 13th, 2018) 

>> we will gather online (video conference)

>> meeting once EVERY THREE WEEKS

>> on TUESDAY MORNINGS ( at 10am Central Time / CST)

>> for a total of 4 ONLINE group Mastermind sessions

>> two hours each session

>> creating HUGE IMPACT in your business over three months time

This will give us time to plan, follow-through on actionable steps, and get feedback from other members in the group, in a deliberate, but un-rushed way.


Psst... do you already KNOW that these dates won't work for you...

...but your heart is stirred by the concept of mixing Accountability, Business Coaching, Creative Services and/or Tech Solutions all into one? -- Go ahead and connect with us anyway!  We are setting up a limited number of custom programs with a similar purpose and feel.


Your Mastermind will also include:

  • A [beautiful, or course!] workbook to collect and track your goals and challenges

  • A pre-mastermind questionnaire so we are off and running at the first meeting

  • 1 on-on-one call or video-chat with Shannon to discuss creative strategy, marketing, and do a brand review

  • A private Facebook Community where we can all answer questions anytime throughout the course of the Mastermind

  • And DRUM ROLL PLEASE... (this is HUGE ladies)...

  • ...your CHOICE of extra support via BUSINESS COACHING (3 30 minute sessions) or TECH SUPPORT (2 45 minute hands-on session) from our amazing guest-experts Melissa Mather or Nicole Marie Smith (or upgrade for both!!!)*

"We want to provide every opportunity for you to DREAM BIG, gain valuable feedback, and then get the actual hands-on accountability and support you need to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN."
Each meeting will include:
  • Specific sharing time for each individual (don't worry, you won't get lost in the crowd!)

  • Thought-provoking insight, ideas, and feedback from your fellow Mastermind girls to help you lay out your goals

  • Time for questions and specific how-to help

  • Insight and goal-setting challenges from your leader (me)

  • Evaluation to make sure your plans are profitable and revenue-producing

  • Reflection time on how your goals align with your greater purpose


Are you READY?  Let's move those dreams off the back-burner and light them on fire!!!

We know you're an ACTION-TAKER, and we wanted to make this A VALUABLE INVESTMENT for you and your business.   Being small-business-friendly means we understand that your dollars count, and we want you to use them wisely!! 

We want to set you on a track to NEW INCOME STREAMS with BIGGER WORLD-CHANGING IMPACT.

Enter: amazingly flexible payment plan options... 

CHOOSE the one that works best for you!

  • $825 as one payment in full (best value!!)
  • or 2 payments of $435
  • or 3 payments of $295
  • or 5 payments of $190
  • NEW: **Jan 2017* payment plan only: $190 DEPOSIT in Jan 2018 & 3 future payments of $239 each (Feb, Mar, April).  Happy New Year!

*Want BOTH the business coaching & tech support from our ah-ha-amazing guest experts Melissa & Nicole??  Upgrade to both for an add-on of only $180 to your total rate. ($250 value).

*Want BOTH the graphic design help AND copywriting help from our Bonuses? Upgrade to both for an add-on of only $180 to your total rate. ($280 value).


SERIOUSLY... ACT FAST & Grab this EXTRA *amazinGNess* too!!!

>>BONUS 1: (EXPIRED) When you Apply by FRI DEC 22nd....  one additional 30 minute 1-on-1 marketing & strategy meeting / call with Shannon (one already included!)

>>BONUS 2: When you Apply by FRI JAN 5th....  one set of 5 beautiful photo-word-art cards (via snail mail!) to adorn your office.

>> BONUS 3: When you Apply by FRI JAN 5th....  Hands-On Creative Services Help: One accent COPYWRITING project  (1 page of game-changing copywriting or tagline development!)  or 1 accent GRAPHIC DESIGN project - (pdf/course cover page, social media header,  online ad, or similar!)  --  $280+ value)

>> BONUS 4: When you Apply by FRI JAN 12th....  A single-user MEMBERSHIP to our stock photo site & community for A WHOLE YEAR!!! keeping your social media gorgeous all year long;  $150+ value.

>> BONUS 5: When you Apply by FRI JAN 19th....  An e-copy of Sheena Warner's "Overcome Overwhelm Workbook."



Why let me be your guide?

You might know me as a photographer, a branding specialist, or designer/copywriter.  As a Creative Strategist and longtime entrepreneur, I pour real, impactful ideas into small businesses in many different ways.  I am a problem-solver.  I am intuitively good at coming up with original ideas. I use my sense of style, words, and design to create beautiful solutions that strategically help businesses create magnetic brands and grow solid businesses.

And as the facilitator of this MASTERMIND, I want to pour into your business too.  I want to confirm the talents you already have, help you create new twists for making your ideas get seen, and provide guiding creative consulting to help you make your business a success.  

I'm not a newbie.  While my business right now is primarily an online creative firm for female entrepreneurs, I started out (over 15 years ago) designing handbags and jewelry.  I sold them to boutiques and did the art fair circuit.  I transitioned into portrait and fashion photography, and have held workshops and large events for aspiring models.  I have worked as a blogger, designer, and social media marketer.  Right now, I'm in the midst of launching a full-fledged stock photography membership site using a platform that will differentiate it from the competition in more than one way.  And even though I have years of experience under my belt, I have endless well planned out ideas up my sleeve.  And as my endeavors get more and more layered, the impact God has called me to make in this world becomes a bigger part of each one.

You know what I also want to do?  Help you feel valued and valuable.  Help you make the impact in this world you want to make.  Help you pour a sense of vision and legacy into your heartfelt efforts, by doing with excellence what God created you to do.

"I believe in you -- and what you have to offer this world."


Simply Click the Apply & Inquire Button below.  Happy to chat & answer any questions you have, or get your registration done & done (way to be brave!).

Big Things are in Store.


BONUS RECAP - Bonuses Still Available!!!!


1) One set of 5 beautiful photo-word-art cards (via snail mail!) to adorn your office.

And 2) The heavily valuable Graphic Design or Copywriting help!!! ($280 value)

>> EXPIRING FRI, JAN 12th: A single-user MEMBERSHIP to our stock photo site & community for A WHOLE YEAR!!! keeping your social media gorgeous all year long.  ($150+ value)

>> EXPIRING FRI, JAN 19th:  An e-copy of Sheena Warner's "Overcome Overwhelm Workbook."

***Our Mastermind is CLOSED for the meantime, but we may re-open a variation of this soon!  If you're interested in being notified, please enter your email address by clicking HERE! ***