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We may be accepting a limited number of new members over the next few days before final accountability matches are made. If you are interested, please email Shannon directly at

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>> Do you have a big project or goal on your plate for the this summer?

>> How would you like the courage to START?

>> Or maybe the motivation to FINISH STRONG?

>> Are you ready to reap the SUCCESS that comes with finishing your next big goal or project, sooner, quicker, and with more motivation and joy?

You, My Friend…

are Ready to SOAR!!

You're Invited_Ready to Soar _ Accountability _ Group_1491_Sm.jpg

Welcome to the…

Ready to Soar INNER Circle

It’s basically a gourmet Accountability Partner Group (with lots of sprinkles on top).

And You are Invited!!!

This 5 month ONLINE CIRCLE for female entrepreneurs is my way to help you find the “business buddy” you need — all with an amazing palette of bonuses thrown in.


Before we get too far — KNOW THIS — while this IS a huge boost of encouragement and accountability for your business, it is NOT meant to be a huge time commitment.

Definitely a no-overwhelm zone here.

So be wow’d by the VALUE involved, but know that the vibe is more purpose & joy than intense.

The INNER CIRCLE is a framework and cozy community to work ALONGSIDE you, not add more to your plate.

Ready to Soar Accountability Program for Female Entrepreneurs by Shannon of Feather Blue Studios

Hello Heart-Centered Small Business Friend!

I’m Shannon!

Facilitator and founder of this Ready to Soar Inner Accountability Circle,

and owner here at Feather Blue Studios.

I’m a brand strategist, photographer, creative director, and business mentor with small business experience in multiple-industries.

But really, I’m a fellow entrepreneur, just like you.

I’ve started and finished lots of projects.

(And never started, and never finished, some too).

So I decided to take what I’ve learned along the way (over 15 years) and create something special to help YOU accomplish YOUR BIG GOALS… (while mixing in some amazing bonuses you might just love).


Ready to Soar Accountability Program for Female Entrepreneurs by Shannon of Feather Blue Studios

Inside any solid business, there’s a “not-so-secret” secret >> having PEOPLE in your corner.

Successful business know they need that powerful mix of accountability, community, and ongoing encouragement to keep up their CEO mindset and FINISH STRONG — all while learning and growing along the way.

Ready to Soar Accountability Program for Female Entrepreneurs by Shannon of Feather Blue Studios

Which is why the Ready to Soar Inner Circle is a personally-curated mix of things I know you need to take your business to whatever that next level is for you.

It’s the cream of the crop from things I’ve invested thousand of dollars in on my own! (And I’m creatively making it available to you at a fraction of the cost).

Ready to Soar Accountability Program for Female Entrepreneurs by Shannon of Feather Blue Studios

I can truly say that investing in my business has brought me some of the best relationships of my entire life — and has moved my business forward, each and every time.

Having people in my corner — people who have gotten to know me well — has been THE core thing that’s kept me going over the years.

Ready to Soar Accountability Program for Female Entrepreneurs by Shannon of Feather Blue Studios

So I’m filling a gap. Facilitating something we all need, in a totally unique way…

in this unique, new, and exciting adventure for female entrepreneurs

The “Ready to Soar” inner Accountability circle


The core of this group is…

helping you accomplish the goals & projects on your plate (or mind)

…with courage, beauty, & ease!!

So you can reap the rewards of success at the end.

What would finishing your next goal or project look like for you?

Perhaps more clients or sales? More impact or income? Or maybe a new level of leadership or freedom.


But to make it EVEN SWEETER, in addition to your one-on-one accountability partner, and the inspiration of a community to back you up, I am mixing in some delightful, completely free BONUSES to make the Ready to Soar Inner Circle truly unique…

BONUS 1 (if you want to use it):

access to OUR ENTIRE GALLERY OF Fresh feathers stock photos

BONUS 2 (if you want to use it):

step-by-step brand strategy training

…to help you draw in your target audience with ease.

But we’ll dive into those stellar bonuses and everything the group includes in a bit. FOR NOW, READ ON, Beautiful Friend and let’s see if this is for YOU!


Ready to Soar Accountability Program for Female Entrepreneurs by Shannon of Feather Blue Studios

Did you know that the power of ACCOUNTABILITY can elevate your level of success to a 95% chance?

In a world where only apx 1 out of 5 small businesses succeed, this seems like a pretty fabulous number, right?


Let’s tap into that powerful statistic…

>> And Take YOUR Business to that Next Level <<

Ready to Soar Accountability Program for Female Entrepreneurs by Shannon of Feather Blue Studios


Are you…

  • working on something new?

  • finishing up your website?

  • creating a new offering or pricing structure?

  • writing a course or book?

  • restructuring or adding to your business?

  • working on unleveling your brand and social media presence?

  • trying to reach more people with what you have to offer?

  • or just trying to hit your next round of small business goals?

Ready to Soar Accountability Program for Female Entrepreneurs by Shannon of Feather Blue Studios

Maybe YOU want to…

  • get to know fellow entrepreneurs that will understand you and be able to help others in return

  • surround yourself with a community of go-getting, like-minded women

  • network, collaborate, and co-market with other female entrepreneurs


Perhaps YOU…

  • want to use this as an accent to a self-study course or other community

  • know what you need to do, but want to accelerate your goals to reach those additional clients or that income-level sooner

  • are ready to take all that DIY advice you’ve been learning on podcasts, social media, or YouTube and just start DOING

Ready to Soar Accountability Program for Female Entrepreneurs by Shannon of Feather Blue Studios

You might even be FEELING…

  • afraid to tackle this idea or goal you’ve been dreaming of

  • stuck (with no one to run decisions by), and it’s holding you back

  • like it’s finally time to become an action-taking doer, not just a dreamer

  • done with procrastination, ready to push onward with passion and joy!

And I know you are definitely ready…

to feel AMAZINg & accomplished

…when you check that next big goal or project off your list!!

Ready to Soar Accountability Program for Female Entrepreneurs by Shannon of Feather Blue Studios


Here are the DETAILS

Beautiful Entrepreneur!

In this powerful 5 Month Online Group Adventure your experience will include:

Being matched with a one-on-one accountability partner from within the women joining the group, and getting the opportunity to be one too! You’ll be matched with another member of the group (to meet virtually with once a month, via phone or video) - using a selective method based on your time in business, strengths, needs, and even your time zone!

Being part of an accountability POD — a group of 4-6 (or so) women, depending on how many join the Circle, who you’ll connect with more deeply and check in with regularly via our Facebook Group. This might be an opportunity to mastermind together as well!

Goal-setting training & charts — helping you know how to best set and breakdown goals.

Ready to Soar Accountability Program for Female Entrepreneurs by Shannon of Feather Blue Studios

Weekly mindset motivation — you are capable of your goals (and we won’t let you forget it!). Keeping your enthusiasm up while trying to break through to the next level is half the battle!

Q&A live videos with Shannon - Send in your q’s about business, brand strategy, entrepreneur life, (or managing business with life!), and once a month I’ll do my best to answer from experience (or find you someone who can help!)

Guest Expert Trainings Each Month — we have amazing women in their field ready to offer trainings on things such as:

  • Cash Flow Management / Paying Yourself

  • Using Pinterest for Growing your Business

  • Exploring Youtube for Marketing your Business

  • Running a Successful Facebook Group

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Finding Balance & Joy in Your Business, and More!!

Ready to Soar Accountability Program for Female Entrepreneurs by Shannon of Feather Blue Studios

The chance to enter to win prizes each month (A gift certificate to Amazon? A Target shopping spree? - yes please!). You’ll be entered to win just for meeting checking in with your goals each month (another powerful motivation to hold you accountable toa making your business SOAR!)

Collaboration Opportunities — our “collaboration station” posts and training will be a way of helping you find other entrepreneurs who share your target audience and want to co-market in the future. (Super powerful!!)

Networking Connections - You are an established business gal, no matter how little or long you’ve been in business. We’ll definitely give you opportunities to promote yourself (in fun ways!).

…all from the comfort of home / your own office with the help of a Facebook group, email, and the opportunity to connect via phone or video with your accountability partner.

Small Business Mastermind Ready To Soar Accountability Circle Online Female Entrepreneurs Women Business Owners   |  Feather Blue Studios Copyright

And since this is this beta-round

(our first time group run!)…

Your big-time Bonuses

(if you want to take advantage of them)

will include:

Access to ALL of our stock photos…

— so you can PICK YOUR CHOICE OF 50 (sixty!) Stock Photos from our very own Fresh Feathers Stock collection (that’s 12 per month) to make posting on social media a breeze and keep your brand beautiful! Gain access to our amazing gallery of almost 1000 lifestyle and flat lay images focused on female entrepreneurs.

plus brand strategy training to help you draw clients in…

This will include step by step brand strategy trainings and pdf module worksheets to help you with BRAND BUILDING & BUSINESS GROWTH that will later be formed into a separate online brand strategy course (totally free to you when you join this first round!!) We’ll walk you through creating (or adding to) your beautiful brand that strategically targets your ideal customer and magnetically draws them to you by using streamlined visuals, imagery, wording, and core topics… with the intention of helping you draw in more followers, super fans, and ultimately clients and income streams!

Small Business Mastermind Ready To Soar Accountability Circle Online Female Entrepreneurs Women Business Owners  |  Feather Blue Studios Copyright

The End Result??

just think,

in 5 months or less

you could have accomplished that thing (or 5) you set out to do!!!

Perhaps you’ll have cultivated the business you’ve been dreaming of.

Because when you commit, do the work, set the goals, make new connections, and are held accountable…

…everything can change.

  • Those new clients or sales

  • that new level of leadership

  • being fully booked

  • that new course or new offerings you want to create???

They could be REALITY.

Or you know… you can try to do it all on your own and hope you don’t fizzle out!

I can say this because I’ve fizzled out before… without support, fizzling out is a very really thing! ;)

are you ready??

Ready to Soar Accountability Program for Female Entrepreneurs by Shannon of Feather Blue Studios

this is the truth:


  • get seriously motivated by a group of stellar women around you

  • learn new powerful strategic brand and marketing techniques

  • and became a “doer” in your business

  • (all while having a whole bunch of fun along the way!)

REAL growth is significantly more likely to happen in your business.

From my own experience I can honestly say — similar opportunities have always pushed me toward BUSINESS GROWTH.

Ready to Soar Accountability Program for Female Entrepreneurs by Shannon of Feather Blue Studios

when you invest…

you’re more likeLY to do the work & make things happen!

Investing in something means you’re waaaay more motivated to follow through.

We put our actions where our wallet is!

The power of investing (in and of itself) might just motivate you to the FINISH LINE — where you can finally reap the success of your hard work and the accomplishments you’ve been dreaming of.

You WANT to >> You CAN >> You WILL.

Let’s do this, Beautiful!




Ready to Soar Accountability Program for Female Entrepreneurs by Shannon of Feather Blue Studios

Let’s get clear on one thing >>

this is NOT a one-on-one coaching program…

(Sometimes you need that high-level coaching experience, other times you just need someone to say “Hey, did you do what you set out to do??”)

And it isn’t a how-to, step-by-step business program.

(Although it will involve dedicated q&a, guest expert, + brand strategy teaching time if you choose to take advantage of that bonus).

It’s a hands-on, peer to peer ONLINE ACCOUNTABILITY CIRCLE

with all sorts of strategic creative resources and connection opportunities packed in...

…to help your business SOAR!

Small Business Mastermind Ready To Soar Accountability Circle Online Female Entrepreneurs Women Business Owners  |  Feather Blue Studios Copyright


The “Ready to Soar Accountability Circle” is opening JUNE 2019 and will run for 5 months — JUNE, JULY, AUGUST, SEPT, OCT of 2019

The cart will OPEN for just 10 days.

There will be a max number of openings, so don’t delay!


THE investment

This is not going to be a break-the-bank kind of program.

In fact — it’s a STEAL considering all that’s involved.

>> Since this is a beta-mode launch (first trial run!) we’ve set the rate at JUST:

  • 5 monthly payments of $67/month

  • OR one payment in full of $325

(It might very well double the next time we open the cart!!)

>> This equates to asking you to have grace along the journey as we create this program from scratch and configure all the customer service involved — deal?

>> Mic drop moment: this investment would be worth it’s weight in gold for any ONE aspect of the program alone… never mind all the amazing layers & bonuses built in!!

You might really value ONE aspect of the program, you might be excited about it all — either way, you can’t go wrong for $67/month.

This is about 5x LESS than what I’ve paid for similar programs (though it really doesn’t compare to anything out there I’ve found). Why? Not because of lack of value. Only because it’s our first run and you’re going to help us test the system!

Ready to Soar Accountability Program for Female Entrepreneurs by Shannon of Feather Blue Studios


Making a difference in the world is a core value of my business, and this is a beautiful chance for you to be part of that!

For each woman who joins the Ready to Soar Inner Circle (that’s you!) I’m giving $25 flat (or $5/month) toward Career Training for a women in Need in a developing country via World Vision.

This will help provide job skills and business training in areas like weaving, baking, jewelry-making, or farming. I love giving back to women we can all relate with (and maybe just pray-over too).

Let’s help these women FEEL THE SAME JOY you and I do when we accomplish something BIG and provide for themselves and their families along the way!

Photo Credit: World Vision - Career Training for Women | A portion of each Ready to Soar Inner Circle member will go to support women in developing countries

JUST IMAGINE how your investment could multiply for you…

  • IF YOU COULD…connect with one new collaboration partner to co-market with — GOLDEN

  • …bring in just one new big sale or client during the course of this program - CRAZY VALUABLE

  • …finish that project on your plate and grow your business in ways beyond your imagination — TOTALLY POSSIBLE

  • …feel renewed, encouraged, and inspired in your business rather than discourage or stuck? — INVALUABLE

We can’t make any guarantees, it’s true — and you have to do the work and follow-through on your own goals!!

But experience and statistics show that accountability and community are key-factors in helping you accomplish big things.



This is your moment to start fresh and get those things you’ve been dreaming of done!

To reap the rewards quicker. To avoid regret. To feed yourself with encouragement.

If you’re feeling that little tug that says this might be for you… be courageous, Smart Girl, and jump on in.

A joyful, purposeful experience is waiting!


Ready to Soar Inner Circle by Feather Blue Studios

Need more details before you decide?

Q & A / FAQ section

Why 5 months? Five months — as opposed to say 90 days or 3 months — because we want you to form REAL relationships and have time to truly CONQUER your next-level goals, not rush through them in a panic.

What if I don’t have a business yet? Since this is an accountability circle and not a business training program, we recommend you already have a business. However if you are intending to launch your business in the next month, and KNOW what you need to do, but need the accountability to make it happen, this might very well be for you.

What if my business and audience is primarily local and not online / worldwide? If have goals you want to meet, having an accountability partner will help you do that, whether your business is local or worldwide.

If you are marketing your business on social media, whether you’re aiming at a local crowd or a virtual one, the concepts we talk about will be applicable.

You may find some of the conversations to be less applicable, such as online collaborating or networking nationally / globally, but almost all these same concepts can be applied to a local business when you make some tweaks!

Will this program be valuable if I’m already in a coaching program or doing a self-study course? YES! This accountability circle might very well be an amazing supplement to a self-study course or a coaching program that you’re in right now.

If ANY one of the features is appealing to you — such as the accountability, the collaboration possibilities, or even just the stock photography access — the investment is worthwhile since we’re starting at such a low price point for the VALUE that is being offered.

But don’t worry - if you have a small business you’re trying to grow online, but haven’t done any kind of previous training or coaching, this will still absolutely be a powerful resource on it’s own as well.

Can I join even if I’m in the network marketing, product shops, or arts/crafts industries? Or is this just for service-based business owners? Unlike many programs, the Ready to Soar Circle is open to all types of businesses. First, because we ALL need accountability. Secondly, because we want to support women in business with big hearts of all types! And finally, because Shannon happens to have a background in all of the above, she understands each industry and it’s unique marketing needs and facets, so during the Q&A time and Brand Strategy Training she can still help you apply the teaching to your specific market.

What if I want to cancel part way through? Due to the very personalized nature of taking significant time to set up accountability partners, there will be no refunds after 5 days of making your decision to join. Another big reason — YOU are committing to accountability and we want to hold you to that!! Since the price-point is so low at this starting point, you will find value in the group even if you only dive-deep into one aspect of it.

Where I can I see some of the Stock Photos being offered as a bonus? Of course! If you click on The Shop, you will find a small sampling of what we have to offer. The full online gallery itself contains almost 1,000 images (with plans to add more this summer!) featuring flat-lay stock in a variety of colors and lifestyle images of women with a variety of skin tones (again - more variety coming soon). Note that almost all the images on this page (except for the ones of Shannon, the World Vision image, and maybe one other) are directly from our Stock Collection! If you want to see a larger sampling, please email Shannon at

Can you guarantee my business will see a level of success throughout this program? Absolutely not. Only you can make the decisions needed to move your business forward and only you can take the action steps necessary to become a doer, not just a dreamer! While statistics do show that accountability and community are big factors in businesses that are successful vs those that are not, we can’t guarantee you anything.

What if I’d prefer one-on-one training / coaching / mentoring? If you think you might like to be part of this group in ADDITION to meeting with Shannon (online) twice a month for a 4 month period and are really excited to make the time and financial commitment involved in taking your business to the next level, please EMAIL us. Shannon is considering opening 2 one-on-one mentoring spots for the summer to women she knows she can support and mentor well.

With that said, if you have another one-on-one coach you are looking to work with, this program might very well be an amazing accent to that as well (again, it could simply be for the stock photos or networking or brand strategy bonuses alone!).

How will I meet with my Accountability Partner? How will we know what to do? You and your accountability partner will be given each other’s phone numbers, emails, and social media contacts. You can decide how you want to connect — once each month (usually at the end of the month, so you can review how you did on this month’s goals, and set new goals for the month ahead).

You are welcome to meet via phone, or even better, by video. It’s simple to use Facebook Messenger Video calling for example (trust me — one button simple!).

You will also be provided with a set format of questions to ask each week (some to help you get to know each other, others to talk about your goals), so you don’t need to worry about being nervous or having to create your own structure. Of course, you can chat as long as you want, but there’s no pressure to!

Note, in some situations, we may pair you with a group of 3 women, not just two — depending on what feels like the best fit!

How will Accountability Partners be paired? What if I don’t like mine? When you join the program, you’ll be given a questionnaire to fill out so we can get to know you and your business better! From these, accountability partners will be matched, based on things like how long you’ve been in business, your interests, or simply your time zone!

There is no guarantee you are going to “like” your accountability partner, but we sure hope you will. In fact, we know there’s a good chance you might very well become life-long friends. However, the greater and primary purpose is simply to hold each other accountable by meeting once a month via phone or video.

If for some reason there is an unexpected situation and your accountability partner simply doesn’t come through for you (we will allow one month grace), then you will be able to contact us and we will find a new partner for you (or pair you with a pod of three).

What is an Accountability Pod and how does this apply to me? In addition to your Accountability Partner(s), we’ll be organizing women into slightly bigger groups and giving you specific social media chains to connect with on as well. So you’ll have not just one primary partner, but also a small group to get to know better and cheer you on! Your accountability pod will also be an amazing group of women to bounce things off of!

What if I am outside of the U.S or Canada? We are based in the U.S., and realistically you will need to speak fluent English to get the most of this program. Anyone with a similar time-zone (such as Canada) will be easily paired with an Accountability partner. If you live further globally, such as Australia or Europe, you are welcome to join the program, with the understanding that we will do our best to pair you with someone (or a group of 3 someones) in the next closest time zone, but that you may need to have the flexibility to perhaps meet at less than ideal times. Also, some of the prizes are located in North America only, and if you were selected as a monthly winner, we may have to substitute for a digital product. If you have questions about this, please email us in advance at (and use the Re: Qs about Ready to Soar or Qs about Accountability Circle). We are happy to welcome you in, but do not want you to join and then be un-satisfied later, so please come with flexible expectations if you are outside of the U.S. or Canada.

I’m still not sure… or I have further questions…

  • Please feel free to email us at with further questions! (And use the Re: Qs about Ready to Soar, or Qs about Accountability Circle).

  • But first! If you’re not a member of the totally FREE Preparing to Soar Facebook group yet, please JOIN here, and watch any number of Shannon’s recent videos on goal setting, business foundations, the power of accountability, and more — plus details about this new program! Hopefully that will help you gauge whether this is the right fit for you, as the hub of this new Ready to Soar Circle will also take place in a Facebook group (with consistent structure, motivation, teaching, more!)

Ready to Soar Inner Circle by Feather Blue Studios

A NOTE from Shannon (from the heart) …

Beautiful Woman, please know my heart is so FOR you. I greatly value each woman that comes my way, and I hope and pray that I can offer you an experience that will come alongside your business and help you SOAR.

I am so excited for this Ready to Soar Inner Circle and how it can impact your business and life!

No matter what your background, brand, or business, this Inner Circle might very well be a good home for you over the next 5 months and I am ready to welcome you in with open arms!

With that said, I especially love to serve… heart-centered, joy-seeking, purpose-driven women who embrace grace in every day life and want to use their gifts, talents, passions, amazing products, and wonderful services to shine bright in this world — in big or small ways. So if this describes you, all the better.

Even if you only need ONE ASPECT of what the program has to offer…

  • the peer to peer Accountability

  • the access to gorgeous Stock Photos

  • the Brand Strategy training

  • the jumpstart on how to Co-Market and Collaborate with other women

  • the monthly Q&A videos with me and other guest experts

  • the weekly mindset motivation

…I invite you to courageously jump on in!


Small Business Mastermind Ready To Soar Accountability Circle Online Female Entrepreneurs Women Business Owners  |  Feather Blue Studios Copyright

don’t delay!

We have limited space, and the cart closes soon:



I look forward to seeing you on the inside of the Ready to Soar Inner Circle, beautiful entrepreneur!

With Purpose & Joy!



Ready to Soar Accountability Program for Female Entrepreneurs by Shannon of Feather Blue Studios


The Early Bird Gifts may have passed, but don’t let that hold you back.

You are worth investing in.







-A 4-set of printable, motivational wall-art designed by Shannon (me!)

-A special recorded training done by Facebook Group expert Allison Hardy, and a special recorded training done by Pinterest expert Jena Liat.

-A powerful pdf tool called "When Perfectionism Runs Wild: How to finally get your offer out there so you can stop stressin' and stallin' " by Nicole Marie Smith of Her Own Happy

-And a beautiful, motivating screen display visual by legacy-driven entrepreneur Brittney Rossie.