How our we work…

Purposefully. Strategically. Beautifully. With your heart, purpose, and passion in mind.

Hi! I’m Shannon. Owner here at Feather Blue Studios. Longtime entrepreneur.

I believe deeply that you really matter and so does your business.  To me, and to a whole lot of other people.

Thinking about the impact we can make together gets me excited!

So what do we DO exactly?  And how can we help you?

We take the stress of knowing what tools you need to effectively and beautifully market yourself on social media off your plate (& gracefully put it on ours!)… and then wrap it all up by handing over a doable plan, prompts, or vibrant photos or visuals.

If you’re not sure where to start, let’s connect on a free consult call…

just EMAIL ME here!

Here is how we often help amazing businesses like yours:

  • Most clients start with a strategy intensive, or immediately create a custom package that involve a strategy session with add-on social media coaching & accountability. Don’t worry - we’ll help you identify what you need and maximize your investment.

  • For local clients we often do brand photo shoots, commercial or product photography, & often brand-story videos as well, or many times add these to strategy sessions. Peek at the photography offerings and gallery here.

  • And when you need additional creative serves to round out your brand? When it makes sense, my team and I can input logo services, web design, copywriting, or graphics into a custom all-in-one package; or refer you to stellar small business friends who will take equally good care of you.

  • Want beautiful social media visuals, but not local to our area or ready for a custom photo shoot? Check out the stock photo collections in our “Shop” to see if these gorgeous lifestyle images might be the right asset for your social media needs.

  • (And psst… if you work with us on a deeper level, or join a group or mastermind when offered, you’ll likely get access to our entire secret stock photo stash of almost 1,000 female-focused images as well!) — If you’re a female entrepreneur, make sure you grab our free stock photo collection HERE so you will hear about future stock photo opportunities, group masterminds, and powerful free inspiration along the way!

Remember, we aren't here just to make you look good -- we're here to help you use your brand story and photos to authentically draw paying clients your way.

And to open up purposeful new opportunities as well! — opportunities for media, speaking, interviews, and more open up wide when your brand looks and sounds the part.

We want to help you see sweeping change and feel serious relief.

Can you feel the weight lifting?

Your business is so ready for this.  

And it might just be simpler than you think. Connect today!!


PS: We focus more on brand messaging, social media strategy, and photography that visual identity creation, but at times we still offer limited logo work (or refer this part out to others as part of a collective project).

Here are some brand design samples we’ve had the pleasure of being part of in the past…