How our magic works…

Well, let’s be honest.  It’s not magic.  

It’s creativity and talent, and hard work, and having a big heart, and being a good listener, and setting up lots of processes, and perfecting all the right steps and just really caring.

It’s personal.  Because you really matter and so does your small business.  To me, and to a whole lot of other people.

So what do we DO exactly?  And how can we help you?

In addition to small business photography and headshots, we offer creative services galore, and bundle the right ones just for you.  It’s called our “Visual Marketing Partnership” (VMP) program.  (VMPs are our VIPs around here!).  Your VMP creative-amazingness might include any 3 or more services below.



  • Brand Clarity Sessions: Who is your target audience really?  What sets you apart?  What is your audience craving?
  • Idea-Infusion Sessions: Marketing Strategy, Advertising Campaign Concepts, Idea Generation


  • Logo Design with Logo Variations
  • Accent Patterns / Colors / Fonts
  • Social Media Headers & Profile Images
  • Social Media Shareable Squares
  • Postcards / Invites / Business Cards / Print Marketing Needs
  • Website Design or Website Reviews & Consulting


  • Headshots & Lifestyle Photography for You / Your Team
  • Event Photography Coverage
  • Fashion / Beauty Imagery
  • Social Media Stylized Imagery
  • Stock Photography Coordinating
  • Website, Advertising, or Product Photography
  • Interior / On-location Photography of Your Space
  • Model Casting for Your Project


  • Bio Writing
  • Your Brand Story & Message
  • Social Media Post Inspiration
  • Blog Topic Inspiration
  • Website Copywriting

The process...

We keep it beautifully simple.  Your custom bundle is any 3+ creative services above.  And if you're feeling stressed out just looking at the list -- relax -- we won't even make you tell us which 3, 5, or 10 services you need.  We'll help you figure it out.  And present some options.  Our complimentary questionnaire process helps us gauge what you REALLY need to make your business more impactful, attention-getting, and profitable.  

Because remember, we aren't here just to make you look good -- we're here to help authentically draw paying clients to the look and feel of your brand.

Whether you're a new business or an established brand looking to up-level, we'll help you create the VMP bundle that meets your needs, right where you're at.

Pause button!  What if I only need ONE photo shoot? --  We know a few of you are thinking "Hold the whip cream, girl!  I just need one photo shoot, a single shoot."  No problem, we’re on board with that, like we always have been.  Photo shoots are absolutely available to book on their own.  All other creative and design services though?  Offered in packages of 3 or more needs via our VMP bundles.  

Why? Because we're here to make things happen.  And we don’t want to leave you hanging with just a logo, or just a social media header.  

We want to help you see sweeping change and feel serious creative relief.

That's just our thing.

Whatever you need -- creatively that is -- we’re HERE for you.  

As your go-to creative strategist, I (yep, me, Shannon) keep your branding and communications streamlined under one beautiful roof.  

Can you feel the weight lifting?  

Sheer relief.  Like a lemonade slushy on the hottest day you can imagine at Disney World. 

Your business is so ready for this.  

And it might just be simpler than you think. 

Ready to learn more about how the process and investment involved in making your business beautiful?


In the meantime, feel free to peek at some of our branding and design work below.