Hello Beautiful!

Let me guess… your small business needs a style boost?  

And you just can’t keep up. Or you don’t even know where to start.  Or maybe you’re just launching your business and need a fresh new logo and branding plan to kick things off!

If you’re doing really well, your business already has a brand you love, but you just don’t have enough visuals (photos, social media squares) to post in this uber-visual world we live in. Or you want to become the “face of your brand” but you don’t quite know how (or maybe you don’t even like having your picture taken).

I feel ya girl.  I have soooo been there.  Even as a designer, photographer, writer.  Keeping up with the visual times is not as “bright and airy, clean, minimalistic, or design-gorgeous” as it looks!  Cut yourself some slack. You’re only human after all, and quite frankly, you are REALLY good at what you do best (or plan to do).  You can’t do everything. You have people to serve -- with your talents, products, and heart.  They NEED you.

Which means, you guessed it…

you need some help.

And yet, sigh

  • Bringing on a brand strategist sounds way out of your league (or you have no idea what that even is).
  • Hiring a graphic designer sounds like a decision making nightmare because you’re not entirely sure what you really want (so many directions to go in!) or how to communicate it.
  • Finding a writer seems impossible, because, I mean, who can really know *your* voice. 
  • Hiring a web consultant sounds seriously complex, and then WHOA: you’d have to email your designer and writer and web guru like all the time just to keep them on the same page!
  • And finding a photographer sounds temptingly fun, but hmm, having your own picture taken can be iffy, not to mention finding something to wear.  
  • And where do you even begin with website and social media photographs — so much to think about!  Will new visuals really impact your business?


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could partner with a

magical, uber-accessible, down to earth creative strategist

who could take all this off your plate?  

And not one of those big creative firm types, but

someone who totally got this solopreneur / small business thing that you call your crazy, lovable life? 
  • Someone who would effortlessly help you develop the beautiful new brand you always knew you wanted but didn’t know what it was (logo, colors, patterns, accents, more!).
  • Or someone who could go beyond just *pretty* and talk serious strategy and why your visuals really mattered and how it was going to bring more paying clients your way.
  • Someone who took the time to get to know YOU and your purpose, your company, your style (and even your favorite coffee flavor).
  • Someone who could take your voice and your vision and turn them into emotional web copy or a visual plan that would never have occurred to you?
  • Someone who was completely immersed in your project (like your own marketing team member!) and did all the communicating with those crazy number of creative people so you didn’t have to reply to like 7 emails about the same thing in one day and repeat-repeat-repeat yourself!
  • And ok, this might be big-dreamin’ wishful-thinking, but someone who could create beautiful pictures as well, maybe even a few of you that you really liked.  Photos that brought out the authentic you and let your heart-purpose shine through!  
  • And style-infused pictures of products or client interaction [or simply pretty things!] for your website or social media pages too… well, that would be buttercream frosting on the cocoa-mint cake.
Girl.  Hold on to your hat… I have seriously happy news for you.  

We can do all of this and more

(or you know, less — being as you might not need every wishful-thinking creative-dream-scenario listed above).

Meet me.  I’m Shannon.  

I’m no more amazing than you.  I’ve just become really good at doing what I was made to do.  And I long to help you stellar small business woman.  I long to take all of that creative, visual stuff that overwhelms you off your plate… and put it right smack on my plate.  

Like dessert.  With mega whip cream on top.  
And the wild business growth you get from investing in a fresh, updated brand is the CHERRY ON TOP!

How does it work?  Well, that’s another story... 

(Ok, ok, it’s just another page!!)  Click here!